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Each & Everything...

Whats Up?! I'm Ant Matos and I am a 25 year old Hip-Hop Artist from New York (Queens/LongIsland). The purpose of my blog is to bring you all a bit closer into both my life and what I am into. The blog will be full of posts that showcase my own work such as songs, pictures, music videos, interviews, etc... as well as numerous other things that I am into such as sports, music, girls, funny shyt, and more random funny shyt. Hope you enjoy what you see and feel free to ask me whatever you want.

My group is called "Loose Camp." To break it down simply into two words: "loose" means to be fun, outgoing, happy, and chill, while "camp" means just a group of people who share those same "loose" ideals and characteristics. I'm sure some where deep down you are Loose Camp too! Shouts to all my Campers! Much love & "KEEP CAMPIN" !!!

And also a special shout out the the beautiful people at PMS RADIO!!!

follow me on twitter = @LooseCampAnt

Posts tagged freestyle

Mar 26 '14
Something quick for the hottest song of the winter in NYC #loosecamp #freestyle  what!? Link in bio

Something quick for the hottest song of the winter in NYC #loosecamp #freestyle what!? Link in bio

Nov 11 '13


Aug 24 '12

shouts to @TheRealCashFLow & @PlayMyShhh


Jun 14 '12

@AntMatos freestyle on PMS RADIO


May 30 '12

dope FREESTYLE by @AntMatos n @Kon_Ed

May 24 '12



Apr 25 '12

"My Hero" by Ant Matos

Who’s your hero?

#LooseCamp #Campin #DareToBeYourself

Apr 18 '12

My Last FREESTYLE by Ant Matos of Loose Camp

Mar 26 '12

Check out @Kon_Ed freestyle on All City Radio

#GMB #TheBronx #TheBrightLightsIsOn #PmsRadio #BallOutEnt


Mar 22 '12

Check out my boy @JYard

my own music -jyard/ best day ever remix mac miller

#NiceAndiLL #Support 

Feb 16 '12

A MUST SEE… tough

indie freestyle

Feb 3 '12

None of us think we too cool… we all about living life and enjoying it…
its called being “Loose”… n “Camp” is the group of people that share this view on life… while ur in the club mean muggin and talkin shyt, we having the time of our lives dancing on couches… Im sure theres a lil Loose Camp in you all #KeepCamping

Jan 10 '12

Check out @StephenMichael4 new FREESTYLE

"Motto" remix

Dec 20 '11
Dec 8 '11

She Aint You